Earphones for a landline phone – how to choose a good solution for a call center?

Professional landline handsets have a huge impact on productivity in workstations requiring constant contact with customers. Call centers and customer service offices require the highest quality audio equipment to ensure clear and uninterrupted sound during calls, but these are not the only requirements. What should I pay attention to when choosing telemarketing equipment?

What sound quality can we count on when choosing headphones for a landline phone?

Sound quality is the most important aspect when choosing call center equipment. The quality of telephone customer service and the efficiency of a consultant depend on it – only with a fully understandable, clear message is it possible to conduct an effective marketing conversation. Therefore, it is worth using a professional solution such as call headset for the Axtel landline phone, dedicated to telemarketing.

Such devices use modern technologies, which influence the quality of the transmitted sound. They use broadband sound, with the use of digital signal quality improvement, which ensures the natural sound of the voice. Additionally, the microphones of professional models are also equipped with noise reduction technology, which eliminates background sounds, e.g. calls of other telephone consultants located in the same room. Thanks to this soundproofing, the caller on the other side of the line only hears the voice of the telemarketer, which translates into higher professionalism of the conversation and better understanding of the message. At the same time, the technology does not negatively influence the consultant’s voice clarity – it remains perfectly audible and natural.

Headphones for a telephone with a microphone – functional telemarketing devices

Headphones for a telephone with a microphone, designed for a call center, also use many additional options, whose task is to streamline and facilitate the work of the telemarketer. It has a big impact on work efficiency and allows to achieve better results by the whole company, therefore the choice of appropriate devices is very important for the company.

Most modern wireless and corded call center headphones use a technology that simplifies their installation, thanks to which there is no need to configure the devices themselves – they install automatically when connected to the target device and are immediately ready to use. This makes it easier to work, especially when the user is using them on several devices, such as a computer, landline phone or smartphone.

Professional handsets for landline phones are also often equipped with function buttons, placed directly on the device or the remote control connected to it, to facilitate the operation of the basic functions when making phone calls. These include functions such as

– connect/end a call,

– increase/decrease the sound volume,

– mute the microphone.

Headphones for telemarketing are also available in various versions, tailored to the nature of the consultant’s work. Users, who often make phone calls, but at the same time actively engage in stationary work, can use the option for one ear, while employees requiring full concentration, whose tasks focus mainly on contact with the customer, should choose a version for two ears, providing adequate isolation from the environment. Headphones for Skype for Business and other popular communication platforms are also available.

Hearing protection in professional headphones for landline phones

Headphones for landline phones are primarily used for many hours during the day as a telemarketer’s tool. They should therefore provide users with complete comfort and hearing protection. Modern models use special technologies to protect hearing against sudden surges in sound intensity. The devices are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear, which means that they do not cause any discomfort even after many hours of work.